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Life as a poor kid growing up in the worst ward in Sigil isn’t easy.

Players start with level 1 characters. This campaign will be more RP oriented, with a focus on missions that can be completed through stealth, trickery, and fast-talking. To this end, focus on skills like Stealth, Acrobatics, Bluff, Intimidate, Thievery, and other sneaky skills.

This campaign was derived from the idea of a “non-good” campaign, perhaps even an evil one. Adventures will likely, at lower levels, revolve around doing errands for various movers and shakers in the Hive, whether it’s seedy innkeepers, gang lieutenants, corrupt merchants, or others. At higher levels, the characters will be able to take a more active hand in the politics of the area (and beyond) in some fashion, either leading a gang that they’ve joined/created, causing economic havoc with their mercantile prowess, or being a wild-card force with their own agenda.

The “Born in the Hive” background below is mandatory for all characters, and if you want to play a class without Stealth on its class skill list, I highly recommend taking that as the skill option.

Born in the Hive – You’ve grown up in the worst slums imaginable. From an early age, you’ve had to learn to fend for yourself and either stay out of the way of, or make yourself useful to, those more powerful than you. Associated Skills: Stealth, Bluff. Choose one; if it is not a class skill for you, it becomes one, OR you get +2 to that skill.

Good classes (from a thematic point of view) to choose: Defender: Fighter, Swordmage (self-taught), Battlemind Leader: Warlord, Bard, Ardent Controller: Druid, Seeker, Wizard, Psion Striker: Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Avenger, Monk

Others are fine, with appropriate backstory (ie why would a slum-kid grow up to be a paladin? with what church? Not many large temples in the Hive, maybe a cultist paladin?)

Home Page

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